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Agricultural Services

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In an ever growing industry we meet your demand for transparency, authenticity and standard setting service.  

Cornerstone has been involved in the Agricultural Community for the past half decade.  Over these years we have learned the importance of producer relationships and industry partnership. Having cultivated and worked closely with you we have developed services that meet the everyday and emergency needs of our Ontario producers & their affiliates.

Barn Washing & Disinfecting

Cornerstone’s entry into the agricultural sector was through the washing and disinfecting of poultry barns between flocks.  We know the importance of having a clean barn for your next flock.  We have spent time consulting with producers, processors & veterinarians to bring our clients the best product possible.  – options for Disinfecting and Soaking with Bio-Solve

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Bio-Security Consulting

Bio-Security – Having operated in the poultry, turkey, swine, cattle & dairy industries, we take bio-security very seriously.  We have established strict protocols for both our mobile service and our facility.  We provide consulting on bio-security best practice and site specific bio-security plan development. Our bio-security protocols are available upon request.

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Emergency Culling & End of Flock Services

Emergency Services –  We provide emergency culling and end of flock services to the Poultry & Turkey Industries. We are ISO certified and have a stringent standard of operation that is strictly followed. Cornerstone is certified in IMS (Incident Management Systems). Please contact us and/or your local representative if you are in need of assistance.

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Full Turn Around Service

We are excited to be rolling out a brand new service to our producers.  We are able to handle every aspect of your turn around so that you can worry about all the other things you need to get done around your operation.  This service includes (if necessary) flock culling, removal & disposal, and facility washing & disinfecting.

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Seasonal Heavy Equipment & Corn Dryer Washing

Power washing agricultural machinery on a regular basis can prevent breakdowns and reduce yearly maintenance costs. Our trained staff have the right tools to clean your machinery correctly and safely.

Allow our staff to wash your corn dryer. Whether its the final season full wash or the mid-season deficiency wash we are more than able to meet your Red Dog needs.

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Seasonal Washing

Corn Dryer & Heavy Equipment Washing – We provide seasonal corn dryer and heavy equipment washing to help producers with storing and getting equipment ready for the next season.  We have the capability of using hot water to wash equipment if the season goes long.

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