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Industrial Services

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Safety, efficiency & productivity are the driving force behind the Canadian oil, gas & energy industry.  We make your priorities, our priorities.  

Cornerstone started out in the energy sector by participating in the construction of Wind Farms across Canada. We have worked with such corporations such as Siemens, Borea, Surespan & Samsung.

Dry Ice Blasting

In an industry that requires delicate, precision and efficient work we strive to set the standard in performance cleaning services.

Conerstone has been involved with specialty cleaning for the last 10 years, dry ice blasting is a new innovation that allows us to express those skills in safer and more reliable way to our customers in the industrial field.

Dry Ice Blasting

Cornerstone dry ice cleaning is done with exceptional care for Fin fan coolers, cleaning of electrical motor windings and turbines. Cleaning heavy equipment and heat exchange tubes, difficult substance removal including furnaces and tar. Dry ice cleaning Is exceptional at cleaning extremely sensitive surfaces.

On-Site Dry Ice Blasting

The high mobility of our dry ice blaster allows us to move around to job sites and even into complex buildings, creating easier access to equipment and machinery. We pride ourselves in our ability to timely and quickly meet the needs of our customers.

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Pressure Washing

In an industry that requires exceptional care and attention to detail we strive to set the standard for the cleaning industry.

Cornerstone pressure washing has been hard at work for the last 10 years, specializing in the industrial cleaning field. We have learned how to work with our customers and meet both there sanitary and Bio-security needs.

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